Castleknock Music Festival

Opening Reception

Sunday 17th May 

Doors 6 pm/Start 7 pm

Anglers Rest


Treat yourself with some exquisite live music accompanied by a glass of wine or prosecco* and a fine selection of canapes in the relaxing atmosphere of one of Dublin’s best known and most inviting restaurants, The Angler’s Rest.

Our distinguished guest musicians will present a delightful light programme of popular classical, jazz and traditional music in the informal setting 


Oleg Ponomarev (violin)

Drazen Derek (guitar)

Anna Abramochkina (vocal)

Julie Maisel (flute)

Anna Kiselyova (piano)

Alexia Mankovskaya (vocal)

Jose Manuel Gandia (violin)

Vadim Sher (piano)

*non-alcoholic  drinks will be available alternatively

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