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Anna Kiselyova

Anna Kiselyova is a classical pianist, piano teacher, and researcher, known for her significant contributions to the music community. She is the founder and director of the Maestro Music Academy and Castleknock Music Festival.

As a versatile performer, Anna has graced stages across Europe, including notable venues such as the National Concert Hall, Hugh Lane Gallery, and St. Ann's Church. Her performances encompass solo acts as well as collaborations with vocalists, instrumentalists, chamber groups, and orchestras. Notable international appearances include venues in Italy, Germany, Malta, Ukraine and many more.

Throughout her career, Anna has collaborated with esteemed musicians and orchestras. Beyond traditional performances, she has worked with Kids Classics, bringing live concerts to children's hospitals and libraries in Ireland.

Anna's educational background is international, with a Bachelor's Degree in Music from Zaporizhzhya National College of Music (Ukraine), an LTCL Diploma from Trinity College London, and a Master’s Degree from DIT Conservatory. Currently, she is pursuing a Doctorate in Performance at the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

In addition to her artistic and educational pursuits, Anna is actively involved in cultural events. She is the driving force behind Maestro Music Academy and Castleknock Music Festival, organising events dedicated to commemorating composers like Rachmaninov, Scriabin, and Tchaikovsky. These events, supported by organisations including the Arts Council and Dublin City Council, showcase Anna's commitment to cultural enrichment in her community.

Anna's contributions extend beyond the stage, embodying a commitment to musical education and cultural celebration. Her influence resonates through her performances, teaching, and the cultural events she organises.

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