Castleknock is a beautiful part of Dublin to live in, tucked in between the M50, the Phoenix Park and the Strawberry Beds. Studded right around the landscaped community are the treasured buildings of Castleknock Castle, Luttrelstrown Castle,  Farmleigh Estate and Dunsink Observatory, and a host of much more modern buildings such as churches, schools, collegesshopping centres, golf clubs and sporting facilities. And lots of really nice family homes, full of interesting people.

Castleknock is perfectly situated and suited to hold an annual music festival, and when the Castleknock Music Festival was first held in 2017, it proved an outstanding success because it put families at the centre of its programming.

Supported by Fingal County Council, the 2019 Castleknock Music Festival will bring leading Irish and International musicians to Castleknock to play for the public in its main venue, St.Brigid’s Church.
A key element of the 2019 programme will be the introduction of the junior competitions and master-classes with the renowned musicians to the festival's programme

Classical, Jazz, Romance and various contemporary music styles will all be represented at the Castleknock Music Festival and will give its audience the chance to hear the works of eminent Irish composers. By incorporating the competitions and master-classes into its programme, it will also give young Irish artists the opportunity to show their talents in public. 

Music is a powerful instrument of cultural integration and celebration, ideal for the ethnically diverse community of Castleknock. Participation in the Castleknock Musical Festival is a leading step in the pursuit of excellence for families and young people, given the combined discipline and creativity that music demands. But at its core, the Castleknock Musical Festival is about passion – passion for the genius of music which has the power to move and inspire creative participation, like no other medium.

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