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Vadim Sher   

Vadim Sher was born in 1973 in Tallinn (Estonia).

He studied music at the Moussorgsky Higher School of Music in Saint Petersburg (Russia) and later in Conservatoire Erik Satie in Paris.

He has lived and worked in France since 1993. He has written the music scores for many theatre plays and also been in charge of directing actors musically. He gives concerts of chamber music, Eastern European and Persian folklore, Cabaret repertoire and coaching singers. Vadim completed degree as a composer at  Conservatoire Eric Satie and received Prix d’Excellence ( Prise for Exellence).

He composes music for the cinema (Far from Sunset boulevard by Igor Minaiev, France – Russia, 2005, Gold Medal for music at the Park City Film Music Festival, USA; La Fille et le Fleuve by Aurélia Georges, France, 2014, selected for Cannes 2014 Festival).

He is a specialist of silent movies scores which are regularly performed at Paris Philharmonie and others prestigious stages in France. (  He won 1st Prise and Expert Prise  at Rimusicazioni Silent Film Music Festival un Bolzano (Italy) and now writing score for a new documentary film.

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