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United People

United People is all ladies band, singing A Cappella, where each one imitates different musical instruments with the voice, creating unique musical images. Each song is a musical performance. 

The group was founded in 2012. Members, as a repertoire and images, were changing several times. Now it consists of 4 artists, each one plays her own special role: Mariia Tytova (beatbox), Juliia  Shcherbakova (alto),  Anastasiia Khyzhniak (alto, vocal-trumpet), Nataliia Prokopovych (soprano). The leader, composer and author of the band’s arrangements is Ukrainian musician Aleksei Proshchenkov.

United People is the winner of the different musical competitions. In 2016, according to The Ukrainian A Cappella Battle, the team became the best in the genre of A Cappella and also received a special award for the best arrangement. Within the China tour, United People presented Ukraine at the China International Choir Festival - the biggest choral festival in the world. There United People repeatedly performed on the stage with popular A Cappella groups Ball In The House (USA), OMMM (France). In 2018 the group sang at the international a cappella festival Vocal Zone, singing with Cluster (Italy) and ManSound (Ukraine). Also, the group has successfully participated in the 11th international a cappella contest Leipzig 2018 and achieved the 3rd prize.

In 2019 United People was parforming with a legendary jazz musician Bobby McFerrin on the biggest ukrainian jazz festival Leopolis (Lviv). Also group took part in VokalTotal a cappella competition in Graz and got a second prize and special diploma for the best vocal percussion.

The repertoire of the United People is special, there are a lot of authored songs, a cappella versions of the songs on the different languages (Ukrainian, English, Portugese, French, Bulgarian, Chinese, Georgian), jazz standards in our own arrangements. It also pays a lot of attention to the Ukrainian culture. As an important area in the work of United People is a Ukrainian folk music.

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