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ShekBand is a young and talented Jazz Family Trio from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Siblings Artem, Anna & Maksym Shekera have started playing together as ShekBand since June 2015 at Jazz Summer Camp Festival in Bulgaria, when the youngest musician Maksym was five and he joined to his brother and sister on stage.

Artem Shekera (16 years old) plays Double Bass since he was 7, when he hardly could hold it but the sound of Double Bass has enchanted him.

Anna Shekera (14 years old) plays Piano, Harp and sings. She loves jazz harmony and has been studying music since she was 5.

Maksym Shekera (11 years old) plays Drums, Kahon, Percussion. He often says – there is no chance for him not to play – since he was born the good music sounds around him all the time.

They study jazz improvisation at State Music School #4, Kyiv, Ukraine under the supervision of Mr Alexey Proshchenkov and think about their future jazz education.

They have performed on different stages & festivals in Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and they are the winners of many Ukrainian and International contests:

  • ShekBand received The Honourable Mention by Taklit Publishing & Production Agency at the 7 Virtual Jazz Club Contest, the 4th edition, on 15 December 2019; and in 2020 was among 5 best musicians under 25.

  • In May 2019 ShekBand won the Special prize at Bucharest International Jazz Competition 2019 and they were the youngest participants during the whole history of the festival.

  • In June 2019 ShekBand participated at Street music by Leopolis Jazz among mature musicians of the biggest International Jazz Festival in Ukraine.

  • In September 2019 ShekBand became a Prize Winner of Odesa Jazz Fest 2019

  • In March 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020, they have participated in Kids Jazz L.E. & workshops, Leipzig, Germany.

  • In April 2019 & March 2020 ShekBand gave their solo jazz concerts in Kyiv. They play Jazz standards, their own jazz compositions, jazz covers of Ukrainian folk music.

  • During 2020 ShekBand won many Ukrainian & International online Jazz Competitions.

  • In 2021  ShekBand won: «Open Music. Piano»; «International Music Bridge 2021» as the Best Ensemble & the Best Author Composition; «Soloviov Jazz Art», Grand Prix; MUSICALADA “Las Palmeras” Spain, the 1st place; the winner of «Vinnytsia JazzFest».

  • In June 2021 ShekBand participated at Concert of Laureates of International Art Project S.P.E.C.T.R. Contest in Slovenia, Portorose on the invitation of Honorable Consulate of Ukraine in Slovenia.

While live concerts are not allowed because of quarantine limits in 2020/21, ShekBand has been working on their own jazz music for their first album.

In spite of young age, siblings Anna, Artem & Maksym enjoy playing Jazz together, it is part of their life and education. They learn more together trying to reach high level of performance and present modern jazz music & their own compositions to new generation.

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