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Rudolf Bado

Rudolf was born in Slovakia and started playing violin from a very early age.
Growing up in a family of professional musicians, he took his first violin lesson at the tender age of five.

Having graduated from the National Conservatory of Music in Slovakia, where he studied classical music, he continued his education with master classes and courses from some of the world's best known violinists to polish and refine his playing and musical knowledge.
Rudolf started his musical career as an orchestra player in The Symphony Orchestra of Kosice in Slovakia for two seasons before deciding to move on and travel the world, meeting new people and working with a huge variety of musicians.
Soon he realized that classical music was not the only musical style, so he began to learn Jazz, which was always one of his favorite styles of music. He established himself as a well known jazz violinist in Slovakia and in other countries as he appeared on some international jazz festivals in Europe and also in North and South America. These experiences have contributed to his unique playing style, being a blend of classical and jazz violin.

In 2005, Rudolf moved to Ireland and met with countless top quality world and European musicians. Two of which are the renowned Vladimir and Anton Jablokov, along with live performances and recordings with the BBC Orchestra in prestigious venues such as the National Concert Hall in Dublin and many other major venues in the UK.

Rudolf has been teaching violin for over ten years and thinks it is very important to pass the knowledge we have got from our teacher and professors to the new generation.

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